Amit Mishra has fudged his age thinks Virender Sehwag!

Former Indian opening batsman Virender Sehwag, who is known for humorous style of commentary thinks that leg-spinner Amit Mishra has fudged his age.

Sehwag feels that Mishra’s actual age might differ from the official age on the records and that he is older than the one presented on paper.

Viru made this statement during the recently concluded third ODI played between India and New Zealand at Mohali. When the Kiwis were batting in 44th over of the match, VVS Laxman commented on Amit Mishra’s fitness, who was the leading wicket-taker in the series with 15 wickets.

Laxman unintentionally spoke about Mishra’s age which is 33, and from there on an unwanted conversation ensued.

Sehwag then said that the official age of Mishra is 33 but he might be 2-3 years older than that. He even went on to make a comment on himself as well that he might have done the same in his younger days to hide his real age.

Here’s how the conversation among the three unfolded:

Laxman: He (Amit Mishra) is working very hard on his fitness and now that he is 33, he will have to work even harder.

Sehwag: Officially 33, on paper he is 33, only Mishra would know his real age.

Laxman: You could also know Viru, he would have played a lot with you, so how old is Mishra unofficially?

Sehwag: Look, assume a difference of minimum 2 years, Mishra must be at least 35 years old (Laxman and Chopra burst into laughter). Anyways, everyone gets their ages reduced for Under-19 cricket.

Chopra: Everyone! No everyone does not do that

Sehwag: You must have done that too.

Chopra: No, I did not do that.

Sehwag: Even I might have done that.

Laxman: Might have? You would know if you did that.

Sehwag: Look VVS, I can’t say that on-air. I am saying that everyone might have reduced that. That’s why Mishra on paper is 33, but off paper, he could be 35, 36, 37 or even 38.

Although the intentions of Viru were only to mock Mishra as he is a close friend of the leg-spinner. But age fudging has been a serious issue in cricket as a lot of young cricketers fudge their ages to illegally play at certain levels of cricket. A lot of cricketers have expressed their concerns over the issue and termed it as a serious crime.

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