‘MS firmly told Raina to go back’: RP Singh reminisces Dhoni losing his temper

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MS Dhoni, RP Singh (Image Source: Twitter)
  • RP Singh reveals a surprising incident when MS Dhoni lost his calm.

  • "Although he was never vocal or screaming, he too used to get angry": Singh

For the entirety of his 16-years long, illustrious cricketing career, the composure and calmness were two qualities that never parted ways with MS Dhoni. When it comes to bottling up emotions on the cricket field, there’s quite no one like him.

RP Singh, former Indian pacer and Dhoni’s closest friend, however, revealed that he had seen ‘Captain Cool’ losing his temper at one instance.

Singh recalled an incident when Suresh Raina, while fielding at the cover, kept coming closer to the batsman, despite the former skipper repeatedly insisting Raina to stay at his original position.

The Ranchi-lad finally lost his cool and admonished the southpaw to follow his instruction.

“We were in Sri Lanka and Raina was coming too forward at cover while fielding and Dhoni was warning him not to come too close,” Singh told cricket.com.

“Few deliveries later, Raina missed a ball and then MS firmly told him to go back as he was instructing. He could be terse and firm when he wanted. Although he was never vocal or screaming, he too used to get angry.”

Singh further walked back to the memory lane when he first met Dhoni during a domestic cricket match.

“First time we met was in domestic cricket in the Deodhar trophy. He had come since he wasn’t part of the playing XI for East Zone. Then, we met in a camp in Bangalore. But I was aware of him because in UP and Bihar there used to be so many unofficial tournaments and he was already a big name when we met in Gwalior for the first time,” he remarked.

“He is a very reserved person and is happy with a limited circle of people. He has always loved the quarantine time. It hardly affects him because he would always stay indoors, stay in his own world, play video games etc. He has always been an introvert. He does not believe in having too many friends,” Singh concluded.

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