ODI World Cup 2023: Jerseys of all 10 teams

Team India will be sporting a sleek and eye-catching jersey by Adidas, where base blue is complemented by white strips on the shoulders.

1) India

Australia's jersey for this tournament sticks to their classic yellow theme. Green piping and indigenous art add a touch of tradition and culture to their design.

2) Australia

Pakistan's jersey is based on the green theme, with varying shades of green forming a star across the chest. The design symbolizes their  national identity.

3) Pakistan

England have opted for a vibrant jersey this time. It combines blue, white, and red in a striking manner, earning accolades from cricket fans.

4) England

Bangladesh's jersey features dashes of red on the shoulders and lower right section, complementing their traditional dark green.

5) Bangladesh

The Kiwis have chosen black-themed shirts with grey stripes, giving a nod to retro cricket styles. Their jersey exudes a classic and timeless feel.

6) New Zealand

Sri Lanka has stuck with their familiar jersey, which they wore in the World Cup qualifiers. The iconic lion symbol stands out proudly on their jersey.

7) Sri Lanka

Based on a traditional green, South Africa’s jersey features black art imprints, proudly showcasing their national pride.

8) South Africa

Afghanistan's jersey is a fusion of red and blue shades with a checkered pattern. Elements of navy blue add a touch of sophistication to their design.

9) Afghanistan

The Netherlands team has opted for their traditional orange colour, with dark blue accents on sleeves and collar.

10) Netherlands