Here’s why 4 runs were added to the Indian total when MS Dhoni got clean bowled in the 2nd ODI

In the 2nd ODI between India and England played at Cuttack, a very funny incident took place during India’s innings. England pacer Liam Plunkett overstepped and a free-hit was awarded to the Indian team.

MS Dhoni four runs on free hit

All this happened in the 44th over with MS Dhoni on strike to face the free-hit delivery. It was then when Plunkett bowled a full length delivery that despite of hitting the stumps went for four runs over wicketkeeper Jos Buttler‘s head.

Since, it was a free-hit, the only way a batsman can get out on this delivery is by getting himself run-out, and therefore, 4 bye runs were added to Team India’s total.

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