Sania Mirza thrashed haters who trolled her for the tweet supporting both India and Pakistan

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If haters of Sania Mirza on social media think that they are hurting their target by trolling her or sending hateful messages, they had to better think again.

In a recent interaction with media, she has finally opened up on trolls and you will become her fan (if you are not yet) after knowing her thoughts which are above and beyond hatred. The woman certainly deserves a big round of applause for her viewpoint and it will change your thinking too.

Here’s what Sania said:

“I’m pretty numb to them. It is very easy to sit and judge someone from the outside and, honestly, I feel sad for the haters. I don’t have that many – it’s probably 20 percent haters and 80 percent good – but it’s still a large number of people. I feel sad for them that they have so much hate for a person they don’t even know. To have such a strong dislike toward someone you have never met or have no idea about, and who you’re so irrelevant to – you’ve got to be really miserable.”

“I support my husband, of course, but I support India, too. It’s not as dramatic as people want to make it sound. They think we are at each other with knives every time India plays Pakistan. It’s not like that. We have to remember it’s sport. That’s the message every athlete wants to put across. It doesn’t matter. When India lost to Pakistan, they lost a game of cricket, that’s the bottom line. It’s not war, a matter of life and death.”

“There were some amazing visuals the ICC put out after the match: my husband was talking to (India players) Yuvraj Singh and Virat Kohli, sharing a joke. It was 10 minutes after the match, before the presentation ceremony. That is the spirit of the game.”

The Indian Tennis sensation also told people about the similarities between India and Pakistan, “India and Pakistan are so similar: we speak the same language, eat the same food, most things are the same. They [the teams] actually get along with each other as well as, or probably better than, with other people because the cultures are so similar. I find it absurd that people can’t understand that, but maybe if you don’t play a sport it’s tough.”

“It doesn’t really matter what a random guy sitting 5,000 miles away is saying to me. I don’t take anything to heart, whether it’s good or bad because neither of them lasts,” she added.

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