An open letter to MS Dhoni on his 36th birthday

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Veteran India cricketer and former captain MS Dhoni turned 36-years-old on Friday and fans took to social media to wish one of the most popular sportsperson in India.

Though he may not be the captain of the national side any more but fans love and support hasn’t dropped one bit.

An open letter to MSD by his die-hard fan:

“7th July is more than a date.
Happy Birthday MS Dhoni!

Words will fall short to express what you mean to me. I don’t know from where to begin.
MSD, you are my life!

Do you know why do I call you my life?
Because for me, there is nothing more than you.

I don’t know if this will ever reach you but half of my childhood was watching you make some maverick decisions that paid off exceptionally well in the team’s favour. No one has graced the space behind the stumps the way you have.
Dhoni, you are a legend!

You have given us what no other Indian has, in a sport which is a religion to us. The dapper look which has faded away over the years is itself a proof of your hard work and effort towards your job.

Recounting the times that you have made the nation proud will simply take too long and I won’t attempt to do that. But more than the trophies, the record-breaking wins, and whitewashes, one thing that will be etched long in the memories of every Indian fan will be the winning mentality that you brought to the team.

I must admit that sometimes your decisions baffled me just as much, but you have been able to rise above it all despite the criticism and have taken decisions following your gut yet rationally.

This is what makes you who you are – why there is and never will be another soul like you. When someone asked me what have I achieved in life, I simply told them, “being MSD’s fan is the biggest achievement for me. Meri pehchaan hi MSD se hai!”

I am just happy being your fan. You are the sparkle of hope, happiness and motivation in my life. I shall always remain the one to stand by you!

I am sure I will get to see my vintage Dhoni soon.

Yours Sincerely,
Fan would be an understatement.

Credit: Nisha Rana

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