The reason why big hitters like MS Dhoni, Chris Gayle will have to change their bats

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Big hitters like MS Dhoni, Chris Gayle, David Warner and Kieron Pollard will have to change their bats before mauling the best bowlers in the world ahead of 1st October 2017.

The thick edges of their bats, which are loaded with wood towards the bottom, will now be limited to within 40 mm under the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) guidelines issued in March this year, meaning these cricketers will all need new bats and will have to rethink of changing their strategies while batting.

Starting from Dhoni to Pollard, all these batsmen have been using 50 mm edges that helped them to bash bowlers out of the park, especially in the limited overs format.

Among the top Indian batsmen, Dhoni is the only cricketer who uses a bat with a 45mm edge. Interestingly, Pollard has already changed bats and he told the reporters during IPL 2017 that it made no sense to wait till October.

Well, MSD also uses the heaviest bat with a total weight between 1250gm to 1300gm, with a 12-inch sweet spot, which starts from four inches above the bottom of the bat to 16 inches. There is more mass and wood at the bottom of his bat.

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