Here are 12 cricketers reimagined as Game of Thrones characters

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Game of Thrones (GOT), the most popular TV series in the world is crossing all the limits of excitements in its 7th season. So what if we do some fun with GOT and our Cricketers, here are 12 GOT characters which resemble the cricketers in attitude, attire, and characters.

1.) Robb Stark- Virat Kohli

The eldest heir of the Stark house and the night wolf Robb Stark resembles a lot to the Virat Kohli. The way Robb took the charge of degrading south with his leadership and rose to quick fame, Indian skipper often seems taking his team to the finishing line and his popularity is not the mystery at all. Also, Virat tends to make mistakes like Robb because of inexperience and impatience, but we certainly don’t wish any Red Wedding episode for the Indian skipper.

2.) Tyrion Lannister- MS Dhoni

Probably the most beloved and the mischievous cast in the GOT is Tyrion Lannister, His art of talking things out and reaching to the desired position reminds us the former Indian captain MS Dhoni. Their sheer knowledge of the game and abilities to make things happen with available sources is quite alike and also we can relate their journies as it was not the cakewalk for both Tyrion and Dhoni to reach where they are now.


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