Here are 12 cricketers reimagined as Game of Thrones characters

3.) Khal Drogo- AB De Villiers

Talk less, Work hard and get the glory! Khal Drogo and AB De Villiers falls under the same niche when observed for this context. Just like the Drogo, it is hard to expect the same destruction in every inning by ABD as well but one can only imagine the consequences if they get going. Both are extremely famous in every corner of the world and both couldn’t win the big wars. Perfect match!

4.) Joe Root- Jon Snow

England Skipper Joe Root can be compared with Jon Snow because of his calmness and the brilliance on the field. The King in the north with his sword in his hand and the rising batting king with the bat, completely own their battle fields, also the quality of taking things on own and taking their troops through is no distinct from each other. Joe and Jon are the leaders with the examples themselves.

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