Here are 12 cricketers reimagined as Game of Thrones characters

7.) Cersei Lannister- Meg Lanning

Cersei Lannister- Meg Lanning

Queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, Cersei Lannister is the most powerful and effective character in the series. Her desire to control the world brings Australian skipper Meg Lanning in the mind. In spite of losing in the semi finals against India, her team is leading the ODI ranking with dominance. Meg would certainly wish to hold her King’s landings for a long time.

8.) Jaime Lannister- David Warner

Jaime Lannister had gone through the journey of being a soldier to the leader, Australian opener David Warner also made his way in quite an alike manner, His success in the IPL as a captain after being a valuable asset to the team as a player is an instance of it. Also, Jaime’s major turnaround from being a brat to the sensitive one can be another trait similarity to the change in Warner’s behavior over the years.

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