WATCH: Hardik Pandya’s cracking shot that almost hits the umpire

On Day 2 of the second Test match between Sri Lanka and India at Colombo, a very unusual incident took place when a powerful hit from Indian all-rounder Hardik Pandya almost hit the on-field umpire Rod Tucker.

This all happened on the bowling of Ravindra Pushpakumara. Hardik came running down the track to hit a pitched up delivery straight towards the boundary. He did not get his elevation correct and the ball maintained a waist height as it went like a rocket.

The umpire was equally fast in his movement as he moved his hip sideways in order to let the ball pass. It was really a masterstroke from the Aussie.

After the incident Tucker and all the players on the field couldn’t stop their laugh.

Here’s the video of Hardik Pandya’s powerful shot:

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