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Twitterati blame Virat Kohli for Rohit Sharma’s runout. What a horrible mix-up

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India and Australia played against each other for the fourth ODI of the series in Bangalore on Thursday. With a good start, the latter gave a target of 335 runs after their innings. Giving great expectations to the viewers as they managed to keep the opponent’s score below 350, the Indian batsmen came for the run-chase.

However, after a great opening partnership between Ajinkya Rahane and Rohit Sharma, the match turned out to be a quite disappointing for Indian cricket fanatics when Rohit and Virat Kohli were dismissed one after the other. Rohit, who had 65 runs in his bag, got run out. A few balls later, Kohli got clean bowled after scoring just 21 runs.

The shocking turn of events left a lot of fans worried. Nevertheless, Twitterati’s blamed Kohli because they felt he should have sacrificed his wicket for Rohit.

Virat had sufficient time for running to the other end, but instead he placed his bat before Rohit and made him run-out.

Fans on Twitter, of course, did not fail to miss this moment, and here’s what happened after Rohit’s dismissal.

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