WATCH: MS Dhoni shows brilliant skills to counter awkward bounce

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Former India skipper MS Dhoni is not an ordinary man behind the stumps, especially when standing up to the spinners.

The champion wicket-keeper has pulled off some of the most stunning stumping chances ever in the history of cricket. The kind of efforts he puts in when keeping for the spinners remains unmatched till date. The uniqueness of his ability is such that no one has yet arrived at the international level to match his close keeping antics.

However, in the fifth and final match of the recently concluded ODI series between India and Australia, there was a funny movement featuring Dhoni when one of the deliveries by Kuleep Yadav took off after pitching and the wicket-keeper had to make a quick move to stop the ball from going to the boundary.

Dhoni was able to collect the ball and save a boundary but the way he did it and fall down after that, was too funny to watch. Team India’s skipper Virat Kohli, who was standing at first slip also saw the funny side of it and couldn’t hide his smile.

WATCH: MS Dhoni’s brilliant skills to counter awkward bounce

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