11 Cricketers who played for two different countries

Representing one’s own country in any sport is a matter of pride for any sportsperson. No matter which sport you are playing, representing your country is always the ultimate dream. However, there are players who are good enough to play for more than one country.

Cricket is a sport that doesn’t involve many countries and thus a cricketer representing two nations is quite an achievement.

There have been 26 cricketers who have played for more than one nation in the entire cricketing history. In early days, there were no rules to decide which nation a player would represent.

However, ICC has now formulated criteria for players to switch nations. Of the 26 players who represented two countries, many kept swapping between Associate Nations of ICC.

Here we have a list of 11 cricketers who played for two different countries:

11.) Kepler Wessels: Australia (Debut 1982) and South Africa (Debut 1991)

Kepler Wessels

10.) Dougie Brown: England (Debut 1997) and Scotland (Debut 2006)


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