Ravindra Jadeja’s wife’s car meets with accident, police constable assaults her

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Ravindra Jadeja’s wife’s car meets with accident, police constable assaults her

Ravindra Jadeja’s wife Reeva Solanki was physically assaulted by the police constable in Jamnagar in Gujarat on Monday. The cricketer is currently busy in playing the ongoing season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and is in Mumbai ahead of the first qualifier on Tuesday.

The incident took place at 5.30 in the evening when Reeva’s car hit the constable, Sanjay Kurangiya, who was on a two-wheeler and coming from a wrong side. However, he has been detained by the police now for his actions.

According to the reports in India TV, Jadeja’s wife was attacked by Sanjay soon after the accident and pulled her hair before slapping her twice as well. She was on the receiving end despite the mistake was of the police who was coming from the wrong side and his behaviour with Reeva surprised many. When the things started going out of control, the people nearby rushed to save her and then she was taken to the hospital.

“The police officer pulled Solanki’s hair and slapped her twice, and also attempted to smash her face on the windshield. The police constable came from the wrong side on a Pulsar bike and fell after hitting Solanki’s BMW. Reeva rolled down her window and was about to ask the constable if he was alright when the already enraged cop immediately lashed out and assaulted her,” the eyewitnesses were quoted as saying.

SP makes his statement

As soon Reeva was rushed to the nearby hospital where the Superintendent of Police, Pradip Sejul, met her and then escorted her to the office to record an official statement. The constable has been arrested now and the investigation of the incident is in progress.

“Yes, cricketer Ravindra Jadeja’s wife was attacked by a policeman. Sanjay Kurangiya, a police constable with Jamnagar police was coming out of the headquarters, whose gate opens on the roadside. Reeva was in her four-wheeler. They had a little altercation, after which the policeman physically attacked Reeva. She suffered small bruises. Nothing serious. So she registered a police complaint. The policeman was arrested on the spot,” Pradip said in his statement.

Here’s the video of the incident posted by India TV:


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