WATCH: Australian batsman Jake Weatherald’s comical hit-wicket dismissal

Cricket has seen a lot of funny dismissals in its long history. Players have often lost their wickets in a dramatic turn of events eventually. And now Australia batsman Jake Weatherland has joined the bandwagon, lately.


Jake Weatherald was out hit-wicket during a practice match between NPS and Victoria in a bizarre fashion.

The 23-year-old Weatherald was trying to drive the ball but edged it back to his pads. He lost the grip on his bat during the follow-through of the shot. The bat then slipped out of Weatherald’s hand and flew above his head to land on top of leg stump.

In a video uploaded by Cricket Australia on their Instagram account, the batsman could be seen standing in disbelief after the comical dismissal.

Here’s the video:

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