WATCH: KL Rahul falls prey to a dreadful shot of Josh Hazlewood

India’s KL Rahul is widely considered as one of the most talented batsmen in international cricket. The 26-year-old, however, has hit a rough patch with his bat and has been unable to score runs in all three formats of the game.

On Thursday, he opened the innings against Australia in the first Test at Adelaide Oval but lasted only for eight balls.

Rahul fell prey to a dreadful shot of Josh Hazlewood’s wide delivery. It was on his sixth or seventh stump and Rahul did not have to play it, but he threw his hands at it only to get an edge which was comfortably taken by Aaron Finch at third slip.

KL Rahul, Josh Hazlewood

Guilty of an absolutely loose shot, with no accompanying footwork, a dejected Rahul made his way back into the pavilion with only two runs against his name.

Here’s the video:

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