ICC U19 World Cup 2020: Ian Bishop, James Anderson reacts on Noor Ahmed’s ‘Mankad’ incident against Pakistan

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ICC U19 World Cup 2020: Ian Bishop, James Anderson reacts on Noor Ahmed’s ‘Mankad’ incident against Pakistan

Pakistan have qualified for the semi-finals in the ongoing U19 World Cup after they defeated Afghanistan in the quarter-final game by six wickets on Friday (Jan 31) at Willowmoore Park in Benoni.

Opening batsman Mohammad Huraira won the ‘Player of the Match’ award for his 76-ball 64 knock. He was dismissed by Afghanistan’s spinner Noor Ahmed in an unusual way, which created a controversy.

During the 28th over of Pakistan’s innings, left-armer Ahmed proceeded to bowl the fifth ball of his over, but instead of going through with his action, he stopped at the last moment and whipped off the bails as the Pakistani batsman Huraira was out of the crease.

The dismissal was seen as against the ‘spirit of the game,’ and fans expressed their anger on social media. However, some supported the bowler’s act and felt it was well within the rules.

As per MCC laws, “If the non-striker is out of his/her ground from the moment the ball comes into play to the instant when the bowler would normally have been expected to release the ball, the bowler is permitted to attempt to run him/her out.”

Former West Indian cricketer and currently the commentator Ian Bishop found nothing wrong with the way Ahmed got Huraira out.

“So, for me, a lot of people will look at these young men…and disparage their character, to me that is wrong, it is erroneous. This is the law; it’s in the law,” said Bishop.

“The emphasis of Spirit of Cricket should be one, for the non-striker, the batsman, to stay in his ground until the release of the ball, to be watching,” added Bishop.

“Spirit of Cricket to me is not using the language of spectators or a player,” Bishop added further.

England speedster James Anderson also reacted to the Mankad incident and appealed to remove the law.

“Can we sort out (remove) this law please @ICC #MCC??,” tweeted Anderson.

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