Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reveals his favourite cricketer

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reveals his favourite cricketer
Satya Nadella (Image Source: Twitter)

Just like any other Indian, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microsoft Satya Nadella also loves watching India’s most popular sport, cricket. In fact, in his book ‘Hit Refresh,’ Nadella has mentioned how the gentleman’s game influenced his personal as well as professional life.

On Tuesday, Nadella was present at the Young Innovators Summit organized by Microsoft India at the India Habitat Centre in Delhi, where he met a gathering of students and educators. In conversation with Anant Maheshwari, President – Microsoft India, Nadella spoke about his beloved cricketers.

“This is like picking religions. I would say Sachin from yesterday and Virat today,” said the Hyderabad-born.

The 52-year-old had written about his love for this game in his book. He mentioned that cricket always runs in the back of his mind.

“No matter where I am, this beautiful game is always in the back of my mind. The joy, the memories, the drama, the complexities, and the ups and downs – the infinite possibilities,” an excerpt from his book read.

During his chat, Nadella revealed about his meeting with legendary spinner Anil Kumble, who has a startup naming Spektacom Technologies – a company that aims to revolutionize sports using sensor technologies.

“I would prefer coding for cricket. I met Anil Kumble yesterday. He has a startup where cricket bats are equipped with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. Coding is one thing that I would say is a malleable, changeable resource for a great future,” added the Microsoft CEO.

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