AB de Villiers asks Sadhguru for a lottery number, the Indian yogi comes up with a witty reply

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AB de Villiers asks Sadhguru for a lottery number, the Indian yogi comes up with a witty reply

There is one particular post of AB de Villiers that is doing rounds on social media. The former South Africa international recently posted a video of his chat with Sadhguru on Twitter. There was a bit of fun and banter in the conversation, but ABD also asked some serious questions which the Indian yogi answered beautifully.

It all started with the Proteas star asking Sadhguru for a lottery number so that he could earn big. Even Sadhguru evaded the question with a pretty witty reply. “I’ll come to that towards the end because if I give you the numbers right now, people will know you’ve won a lottery; you will be in danger. I don’t want that to happen because we want to see you hitting the ball for some more time.”

Then, De Villiers asked Sadhguru how South Africa could fix its past, which has seen a lot of dark days with apartheid and other forms of racism. It was the government’s policy of apartheid that cost South Africa more than two decades of international cricket. The ICC banned them in 1970 before being reinstated in 1992.

After this question, Mr. 360 shed light on what he felt before getting an answer from the master. “I truly believe we have an incredibly special and powerful nation, and if we can get everyone lined up, we have the power to change the world,” said the former South African skipper.

In answer to De Villiers’ question about apartheid and erasing the Past, Sadhguru explained in detail on how to stay in the present. He added that there is no doubt that South Africa has gone through a lot of pain. However, he also stressed on the fact that dwelling in the past is of no good, and the wounds might just get worse. Moreover, the pain might take a toll and have an adverse effect. He wants them to look at the bright future. “We can fix the future. Please do not try to fix the past. Do not suffer something that is already over. Let’s create a great future for the wonderful country that South Africa is,” Sadhguru was quoted saying in the video.

Sadhguru did not forget the lottery question and came up with another witty answer. He wants ABD to continue hitting the ball well, score runs, and that would be his lotto. “I could give you the lotto number, but if you keep hitting the ball well, you will hit the Lotto,” said Sadhguru in the end.

Sadhguru also informed that he is planning to visit South Africa in April 2020, and his interaction with De Villiers would have given more publicity to the event.

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