IPL 2020: Not just Dhoni-Kohli, first-timers set to lose life-changing money

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IPL 2020: Not just Dhoni-Kohli, first-timers set to lose life-changing money
Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni (Image Source: PTI/Twitter)

The 13th edition of Indian Premier League (IPL) was supposed to begin from March 29, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) suspended the season till mid-April. It may also get delayed further as the COVID-19 spread is increasing day by day.

This also means that many players wouldn’t receive their paycheques if the IPL 2020 doesn’t go according to the plan, unless BCCI finds out an alternate window later in the year, even though it will compromise a few bilateral commitments.

“The system of IPL payments is that 15 per cent is paid a week before the tournament starts. 65 per cent more is paid during the tournament. The remaining 20 per cent is paid within a stipulated time after the tournament ends. The BCCI has specific guidelines. Obviously, no player will be paid as of now,” PTI quoted a senior official of an IPL franchise.

The Indian Cricketers’ Association (ICA) president Ashok Malhotra, also admitted that the economic implications of a season without IPL could be massive. He said that not only international but even domestic players might also have to accept pay cuts if the current situation continues.

Malhotra opined that players from various other leagues are also taking pay cuts and since pandemic is not covered in the clause, so even insurance company can’t help the franchises.

“We will not get any money from the insurance company as a pandemic is not covered in the clause. Each franchise has salary overheads ranging between Rs 75 to 85 crore. How can we pay if there’s no action? From English Premier League, La Liga to Bundesliga, players are taking pay cuts. Also, there is no certainty anywhere as to when things will get normal,” he said.

Malhotra, who has been part of at least IPL 10 editions, said that players who are new and fresh and for whom 20-50 lakh amount is life-changing will be affected.

“It’s not just the Dhonis and the Kohlis who will be affected. Surely they would feel the pinch but for many first-timers, the Rs 20, 40 or 60 lakh is serious life-changing money after all the hard work. Hope the BCCI has a plan in place,” Malhotra added.

Malhotra further said that one needs to be practical in understanding the situation. He asked that BCCI earn revenue from cricket and if the game doesn’t take place, then how come the apex board will make money.

“The BCCI earns its money from cricket. If cricket is not happening, where will the money come from? We have to be sensible here. So, it’s not just international cricketers, but domestic players will also be affected. It’s not the board’s fault. This is an unavoidable situation,” he concluded.

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