Kedar Jadhav responds after being asked to choose between MS Dhoni and Salman Khan

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Kedar Jadhav responds after being asked to choose between MS Dhoni and Salman Khan
Kedar Jadhav with MS Dhoni and Salman Khan. (Image Source: Twitter)

Kedar Jadhav, renowned fanboy of Salman Khan, like millions of others, during a recent interaction, was forced to choose between MS Dhoni and Salman.

Jadhav has played under Dhoni at Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in Indian Premier League (IPL) as well as in the Indian team.

One of the primary reasons for Jadhav’s success with the ball in the ODI format is due to constant backing from Dhoni. Jadhav has bamboozled many world-class batsmen with his slingy loopy spinners.

Besides, the 35-year old has proved his mettle as an able finisher in both franchise and international cricket.

However, when asked to choose between Dhoni and Salman, the Pune cricketer went ahead with the former.
According to Jadhav, had it not been for MS, he would not have met his favourite Bollywood actor. Further, he credited Dhoni for his sustenance at the highest level.

“For me, they both are like superstar. I cannot differentiate, but I would still like to clear this that because of MS Dhoni I have been able to play the duration I have played,” Jadhav reiterated in an Instagram Live session.

“And because of Mahi bhai, I got to meet Salman bhai. I think it will always be Mahi bhai first then Salman bhai but it is very difficult for me. It is like asking which parent is your favourite?” added Jadhav.

‘Captain Cool’ is also renowned for his hilarious comment from behind the stumps. Also, there have been instances when MS has showered embers with eyes looking at errors from his fielders or batsmen at non-striker’s end.

One of the fans also asked whether he was scolded by Dhoni during his stint at CSK or the Indian team.
“Yes definitely, but his (Dhoni) scolding is mostly with the eyes. There is a very famous dialogue from a Salman Khan movie which says, “Ye Adele Aadmi hai jo aapko sire ghoul ke opposition ki pant gel Kar date hai (he is the only person who can make the opposition wet their pants with just one look)’. That sort of thing I get with him when he scolds me with his eyes, then I have to pull up my socks,” replied Jadhav.

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