Pankhuri Sharma reveals how Krunal Pandya proposed her in front of Mumbai Indians team

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Pankhuri Sharma reveals how Krunal Pandya proposed her in front of Mumbai Indians team

Mumbai Indians’ Krunal Pandya appears to be a calm and composed figure on the field. But the all-rounder has a whole different ‘Filmy’ side to him. Krunal’s wife, Pankhuri Sharma, recently threw light on this facet of her better half.

In the latest webisode of Cricbuzz’s new show Spicy Pitch, Pankhuri revealed specific details of her exciting courtship which culminated into a grand wedding.

“I still remember the crazy way in which Krunal proposed to me. It was the night after the IPL final in 2017 – not only did Mumbai Indians win the match, but Krunal was the ‘Man of the Match’,” Pankhuri recalled.

“Hardik and I were sitting in Krunal’s room when he came into the room singing. I remember thinking that he seemed like he was in a great mood,” added Krunal’s wife.

“Soon, many Mumbai Indians players followed him into the room. I still had no idea what was happening until he got me to stand up and asked me to marry him. I was so shocked because never in my life, I had thought Krunal would do something so romantic!” revealed Pankhuri.

When asked whether he was worried about the result of the proposal, Krunal quipped, “Sometimes when you’re batting you just know where the bowler is going to bowl to you, and this was exactly like that. I was quite sure that she would say ‘yes’.”

Eventually, in December 2017, the two tied the knot and lived happily ever after, just like in the Bollywood movies.

“Everyone thinks of Krunal as a very mature sorted guy – and he is when he needs to be. But on an everyday basis, he’s this crazy, fun-loving person, as is Hardik. The wedding was one occasion where we all forgot everything and just had an absolute blast. In fact, Krunal’s family is Gujarati only in terms of the food they eat – in their behaviour, they’re just as fun-loving as Punjabis,” concluded Pandya’s wife.

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