‘Sorry you are talking so much nonsense’: Kevin Pietersen roasts Ahmed Shehzad in live Instagram interview

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Kevin Pietersen and Ahmed Shehzad. (Image Source: Twitter)

‘Sorry you are talking so much nonsense’: Kevin Pietersen roasts Ahmed Shehzad in live Instagram interview.

In a recent Instagram Live chat, Kevin Pietersen smashed his former Quetta Gladiators teammate into pieces, during a hilarious bullying chat.

Pietersen roasted Shehzad in every possible way he could while talking about the latter’s’ horrible batting form with the bat.

Earlier, while clarifying about the weak signals, Shehzad told KP, “I’m in the mountains, you got to give it to me, signals here are tough.” To which Kevin replied, “It’s much like your batting, very tough.”

“Don’t worry about my family, I’m here to hammer you about your batting mate, why aren’t you scoring runs. People don’t want to hear about trying to your best,” Pietersen said.

Ahmed repeatedly tried to evade the situation, and in his haste, he then brought up England cricketer Luke Wright into the conversation. The Gladiator’s batsman asked about whether he heard from Wright.

To which, KP brutally replied by saying, “Why is he ignoring you, mate. He says he doesn’t want to talk with anyone with that haircut.”

“You can’t bat at one, two, three, perhaps you should bat at thirteen,” said KP when Shehzad talked about his inability to bat at number three for Gladiators.

By then, Shehzad was finding places to hide with thousands tuning in on the conversation. KP hit the final nail in Shehzad’s coffin by saying, “Sorry! You are talking too much nonsense. It goes from one ear to another, just like in the dressing room. You’re always rambling too much.”

To which Shehzad only had a meek reply: “You got to listen to me properly, mate”.

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