CSK veteran Matthew Hayden reveals MS Dhoni’s reaction to the mongoose bat

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CSK veteran Matthew Hayden reveals MS Dhoni’s reaction to the mongoose bat

The 2010 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) saw legendary Australian opener Matthew Hayden use the controversial mongoose bat. Hayden played under captain MS Dhoni for three seasons, donning the yellow of Chennai Super Kings (CSK).

Using the bat, half the size of the normal, Hayden smashed 93 off just 43 balls, while crushing the Delhi Daredevils’ bowlers to all corners of Feroz Shah Kotla. The bat had a long handle, and the entire face of the blade was the mead.

However, not many were supportive of Hayden using the Mongoose bat, including captain Dhoni. Hayden recently revealed about the conversation with Dhoni, who pleaded the Aussie not to use the bat at any price.

“It’s hard to give perspective on the mongoose bat. I get a lot of questions about this product. From a player’s point of view, they often ask how can you use half a bat. I remember MS Dhoni saying, ‘mate, I will give you anything in life you want not to use this bat. Please do not use this bat’,” Hayden said during an Instagram Live session with CSK.

“And I said to MS, ‘mate, I have been practising at the nets with this bat for about a year and a half and I am telling you, when it hits the middle of the bat, it goes 20m further’. That’s just the fact, the balls just disappear off this thing and they go forever,” the world-cup winning Australian added.

Despite its success with ‘Haydos’, the likes of Suresh Raina were not able to use the bat optimally, facing difficulty to defend deliveries. Also, Andrew Symonds was seen using the Mongoose bat.

Hayden went on to state that the ‘product’ was a step in the right direction and had perfected the trade as well, before using it in the match.

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