‘I get depressed when…’ : Wasim Akram responds to Aamir Sohail’s allegations

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‘I get depressed when…’ : Wasim Akram responds to Aamir Sohail’s allegations

The war of words between ex-Pakistani cricketers is not a new thing in cricket. Many former players in the past have been involved in verbal exchanges post their retirement. Latest on the list is former Internationals Aamer Sohail and Wasim Akram. Recently, Sohail blamed Akram for making sure the Pakistan team did not win the World Cups after 1992.

“Look, the biggest contribution by Wasim Akram for Pakistan cricket was making sure Pakistan does not win a World Cup after 92. Imran Khan should be very grateful to him, and he is, by awarding him the presidential award. If he [Wasim] was sincere with Pakistan, we would have easily won the 1996, 1999 and 2003 World Cups,” Sohail was quoted as saying by The Dawn.

Now, after Sohail’s serious allegations, former Pakistani captain Akram has responded. He said that even after retiring from the game 17 years ago, some people are still using his name to bring attention toward themselves, it’s not good to see.

“I get depressed when I hear such negative things being said about me. I retired from cricket 17 years ago, but people still take my name to further their own interests,” said Wasim as tweeted by Pakistani journalist Saj Saddiq.

Earlier, Sohail had also pointed out the fact that post-1992 World Cup win, desperate attempts were being made to remove whosoever was in charge and felicitate Akram as the captain of the team.

“It’s very simple. Put the 1992 World Cup to one side and talk about the 1996 World Cup. In 1995, Ramiz Raja was captain. Saleem Malik was the captain before that, he was very successful, and if he could have spent one more year as captain, then Wasim would not have been leading the side,” Sohail had said.

“If you look at what happened till 2003, there was this persistence before every World Cup to remove the captain and put Wasim Akram in that role,” the southpaw had added.

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