‘I know of another boy who…’: Brian Lara’s son reminds Sachin Tendulkar of his childhood days

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Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara's son. (Image Source: Twitter)

Two of the greatest batsmen produced in the game of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara, recently engaged in a candid interaction on Instagram.

Much like the present comparison made between Virat Kohli and Steve Smith, enthusiasts spent several years while making the comparison between Lara and Sachin in the by-gone era.

It all started with Lara uploading a picture of his little one, holding the bat with a left-hander’s grip.

Lara, who is one of the most elegant left-handers to grace the game, captioned the post by saying, “Look at the way he grips the bat, that tells me he wants to be a left-handed batsman. Mummy is giving him some good advice. Look at the attitude when told to switch hands. ???????? “Both hands on the bat”???? NO.”

Soon, ‘Master Blaster’ Tendulkar, uploaded a collage of Lara’s son with the iconic picture of his childhood, where he had long hair and a cute smile and holding the bat in a similar fashion.

Tendulkar captioned the post as: “@brianlaraofficial I know of another boy who had a similar grip and didn’t do too badly in international cricket”.

An elated Lara then responded to Sachin’s post by saying, “I can see that @sachintendulkar and some of the best bowlers in the world felt that sword! Well I am not interfering then lol. Thanks for the advice. #rightvsleft #legend #mostruns #recordsmen.”

The mutual admiration between the two ambassadors of the game have for each other was quite visible with Tendulkar’s response.

“Thanks for the kind words, Brian. He is going to be learning from one of the greatest batsmen in the world who also happens to be his dad, and my friend. #leftandright.”, Sachin replied.

Both Lara and Sachin took part in the 2020 Road Safety World Series, where the batting extraordinaires’ did not display any rust despite hanging up their boots for several years now. However, the tournament was postponed amid COVID-19 pandemic onset in India.


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