‘I let my family down, embarrassed my children’: Shane Warne opens up on his horrible mistakes

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‘I let my family down, embarrassed my children’: Shane Warne opens up on his horrible mistakes
Shane Warne opens up on how some mistakes affected his family (Image Source: Youtube SG/Facebook)

Former Australian cricketer and arguably one of the greatest leg-spinner, Shane Warne, has enjoyed a dazzling career. However, the colourful cricketer did get involved in quite a few controversies. From phone scandals to spot-fixing, Warne had always been in the headlines during his playing days.

The Melbourne player was always on the radar of media due to which his personal life and people associated with it had been affected as well. Speaking about the same, Warne opened up and revealed how some of the mistakes he committed had impacted his family.

On Fox Sports’ show ‘A Week With Warnie’, the cricket legend stated that he is not proud of all his decisions. Warne said he did commit some awful mistakes during his playing days.

“I’m not proud of all of my decisions,” Warne told host Mark Howard.

“I made some horrible mistakes and choices with things. But I was always true to myself, and that’s what I’m proud of today. Some of the things were really hard to take. I let my family down; I embarrassed my children … but that’s something I have to live with,” he added.

Warne said he did some good things in his career and he’s really proud of himself. He stated that sometimes people just want to talk about the negative parts of your life because it grabs more attention.

“But for all of those bad choices I’ve also been very proud of all the good things I’ve done. I’ve done a lot of good things, but sometimes people like to harp on about the bad things because it’s a better headline,” the 50-year-old added further.

The spin-wizard recalled his famous leg-break delivery to England batsman Mike Getting in the 1993 Ashes which was later termed as the ‘Ball of the Century’. Warne reckoned that ball changed his career forever.

“I was 23 when that happened. I remember going to the Windmill Pub in London, we were staying at the Westbury Hotel 100 yards up the road … and I went for a pint with Merv (Hughes). And when I came out, there was, without a word of a lie, probably 25-30 photographers just taking pictures,” said Warnie while reminiscing the widespread dismissal.

“As I was walking 100 yards back to the hotel, they were in the middle of the road. I’m going, ‘Merv, what the hell is going on here?. The next day was about ‘Shane Warne was at the pub’. I was getting critiqued about what I was wearing, I had ’10 things you don’t know about Shane Warne’, and I’m reading it going, ‘that’s not true, I didn’t know that about me!’,” concluded Warne.


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