Ian Chappell proposes a radical LBW law to make cricket more even

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Ian Chappell proposes a radical LBW law to make cricket more even
Ian Chappell. (Image Source: Twitter)

Former Australia captain, Ian Chappell, has recently proposed a new law which would ease out the complexities regarding the LBW dismissal via DRS.

Currently, there are three parameters which dictate the on-field decisions to be overturned. The ball has to pitch in line, the impact should be within the stumps, and should hit the stumps for a proportion of more than 50%.

However, the last part of the DRS has caused some stir of-late. There have been instances when the ball hits the stumps, and decisions went in favour of batsmen.

The cricketer-turned-commentator and analyst has provided a solution for such ridiculous complexities with the greater part of the ball hitting the stumps.

According to Chappell, “Any delivery that strikes the pad without first hitting the bat and, in the umpire’s opinion, would go on to hit the stumps is out regardless of whether or not a shot is attempted.”

“Forget where the ball pitches and whether it strikes the pad outside the line or not; if it’s going to hit the stumps, it’s out,” Chappell told EspnCricinfo.

With the change, Chappell believes that there would be a greater balance between the bat and the ball, apart from batsmen adopting a more positive style game.

Also, Chappell pointed out towards the time consumed during lengthy DRS reviews, and the rule change would bring pace into the game.

Further, Chappell cited out the brilliant strategy adopted by Sachin Tendulkar during one of the Test matches while facing Shane Warne from the rough, outside the leg-stump.

“Contrast Sachin Tendulkar’s aggressive and successful approach to Shane Warne coming round the wicket in Chennai in 1997-98 with a batsman who kicks away deliveries pitching in the rough and turning in toward the stumps. Which would you rather watch?” he asked.

“It would also make four-day Tests an even more viable proposition as mind-numbing huge first-innings totals would be virtually non-existent,” Chappell concluded.


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