Master of the Trade, Steve Smith dispenses batting tips on Instagram

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Steve Smith. (Image Source: Instagram)

A modern master of batting, Steve Smith, went against all conventions to adopt a technique of his own, which makes bowling to him even more difficult.

The trademark back in across after a distinctive shuffle before the delivery, led to bowlers falling into the trap of bowling into his pads, to get the leg-before dismissal.

However, a crafty player of the leg-side, Smith hasn’t failed to punish the bowlers who keep falling into his trap. His defensive technique makes it even more arduous for bowlers to dislodge his wicket.

Recently, Australian batting maestro, possessing Bradmanesque numbers, has dispensed a few auspicious tips for batting aspirants.

In the brief video, Smudge suggested that there are “two authentic swings that each player has”. One which dictates the drive, which is controlled by the top hand. While the other which dictates the power and is generated through the bottom hand.

“Batting tips I’ve had lots of people asking me to share some hints and tips on batting. This video is on what I like to call the first authentic swing. I’ll share the second authentic swing in a few days time. Let me what else you would like to see,” captioned the video.

Further, Smith also stressed the importance of pointing the feet in the direction of the delivery; coupled with the subsequent bending of the knee and head on top of the ball.

The former Australian captain also pointed out the tendency of few batsmen to “neglect to bring their foot to around that straight line to enable the bat to come through”.

In the end, he vowed about detailing the various swings of the bat in the days to come.

Smith is a well-renowned fanatic of batting, who is often seen shadow-practising for hours, even in free time. The number three batsman was scheduled to take part in the Indian Premier League (IPL), donning the pinks of Rajasthan Royals (RR), before the tournament was suspended indefinitely.


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