Pat Cummins reveals the name of bowler he tried to imitate as a youngster

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Pat Cummins reveals the name of bowler he tried to imitate as a youngster
Pat Cummins reveals his favourite bowler (Screengrab: SonySports Youtube)

Amid coronavirus outbreak, cricketers from around the world are interacting with fans on social media platforms. Some are coming up with their dream XI teams consisting of several players belonging to different teams while some are revealing few secrets from the past. Following the pattern, Australian fast bowler Pat Cummins who had a tremendous 2019 shared some interesting things in a Facebook live chat.

While talking to sports presenter Ridhima Pathak on Sony Sports India, Cummins dealt with several questions. One of the questions was related to his young days when he was growing up and dreaming of being a part of the Aussie squad. The query was related to a bowler who Cummins tried to imitate as a youngster.

The 27-year-old seamer recalled the times when he grew up watching the Australian cricket team. He said that during that time, the Aussie team was full of many superstar players.

“I grew up in such a great time for Australian cricket. We had an absolute superstar team; every single player was a superstar, so it kind of change depending on who was going well that particular day. I loved Ricky Ponting, Adam Gilchrist, Matt (Matthew) Hayden,” said Cummins.

Coming to the fast bowler he imitated while growing up, Cummins opined that he loved watching the former speedster of Australian cricket Brett Lee. Cummins termed Lee as his favourite bowler. From his hairstyle to the bowling action and the wild celebrations, Cummins loved everything Lee did during his era.

“And for the fast bowlers; Glenn McGrath, I loved Brett Lee with his blonde hair and his big celebrations, his long run-up and always trying to bowl fast, so he was probably my favourite and even someone like Shane Warne bowling leg-spin, I always loved watching him bowl,” added the Westmead-born.

During the conversation, Cummins also talked about the future of cricket, especially after the impact of COVID-19. He admitted the health risk linked with the usage of saliva. The New South Wales bowler urged the upholders of the game to come out with an alternate option of saliva usage.

Cummins articulated that any external substance like applying wax on the ball could be a handy alternate option if the usage of saliva is banned.

“If we remove saliva, we have to have another option. Sweat is not bad, but I think we need something more than that, ideally. Whatever that is, wax or I don’t know what. If that’s what that science is telling us, that it’s a high risk using saliva… as long as we’re keeping other options open, whether that’s sweat or something artificial,” Cummins added further.

Earlier, Australian cricket ball manufacturer Kookaburra came up with an alternative to saliva and sweat by developing a wax applicator which will act as a substitute to shine the ball. It will also minimise the risk of Coronavirus transmission.

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