5 instances of technical glitches in cricket

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5 instances of technical glitches in cricket
Matheesha Patheerana and Sachin Tendulkar. (Image Source: Twitter)

Over the decades, technology and cricket have gone hand in hand. So much so, that game without the usage of high-end technology seems unfathomable.

There was a time when only one camera from the broadcast view used to cover the action of the whole match.

Now, there are cameras, even on the helmet of batsmen and umpires, providing a high-definition view of the action.

There have been upgrades in hotspots, ball-tracking, giant screens and many other aspects. However, no technology comes without a slight percentage of errors.

Today, let’s have a look at the five instances that involved technical glitches in cricket:

1.) 150 kmph delivery by Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Bhuvneshwar Kumar
Bhuvneshwar Kumar. (Image Source: Twitter)

As good as a bowler Bhuvi is, bowling at express pace is not something he is renowned for. Sunrisers Hyderabad’s (SRH) Bhuvi did manage to reach 140 kmph in recent years. But once, speed guns in IPL recorded him bowling at 150 kmph to Sarfraz Khan of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the 2016 IPL season.

Making the matter believable, the incident occurred twice or thrice during the death overs, as Sarfraz shred Bhuvi to pieces in the match.

It turned out later that it was an occasion when IPL speed guns could not accurately measure Bhuvi’s deliveries during the over.

2.) 164 kmph delivery by Josh Hazlewood

Josh Hazlewood
Josh Hazlewood. (Image Source: Twitter)

Much like Bhuvi, Hazlewood relies on line and lengths, swing and seam movements to obtain his dismissals, but not express pace.

Moreover, during one of the Test matches between Australia and West Indies in 2015-16, Hazlewood’s delivery in the fifth over of Day 3 was scaled at 164.2 kmph. Shoaib Akhtar’s world record of scaling 161.3 kmph was on the line with the delivery bowled to Rajendra Chandrika.

Pakistan fans skipped a few heartbeats before Wide World of Sports released a clarification regarding the delivery being a technical glitch.

3.) 175 kmph delivery by Matheesha Patheerana

Matheesha Patheerana
Matheesha Patheerana. (Image Source: Twitter)

The 2020 U19 World Cup in South Africa was an eventful one with high-octane clashes, Mankad attempts and many other citings, making for exciting viewing.

Moreover, one of the Sri Lankan bowlers, Mateesha Patheerana, raised a few eyebrows after bowling a 175 kmph delivery to India’s Yashasvi Jaiswal.

Although, the speedometer prompted the delivery speed even before the bowler chucked it, and Akhtar’s world record still remained intact.

4.) James Pattinson run-out saga

James Pattinson
James Pattinson. (Image Source: Twitter)

The 2018-19 Big Bash League season was marred with controversies. One of them occurred during the fixture between Adelaide Strikers and Brisbane Heat involving a controversial run-out decision.

Pattinson appeared well inside the crease before being adjudged ‘out’ by the Third Umpire. Standing umpires, as well as players including Heats skipper Chris Lynn, expressed their surprise regarding the decision.

However, Colin Ingram decided to withdraw the appeal and Pattinson was called back into the middle.

Later, commentator Adam Gilchrist revealed that there was no communication between the third umpire and the on-field umpire after the decision was made, as the walkie-talkie dropped out altogether.

5.) Sachin Tendulkar’s dismissal in IPL 2011

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar. (Image Source: (Twitter)

The 2011 season of IPL was one of the longest ones ever, with the most number of matches played amongst the ten teams in the round-robin format.

In the match between Mumbai Indians (MI) and Deccan Chargers (DC), Sachin Tendulkar fell victim to a technical glitch when he was caught at long-on off Amit Mishra’s bowling.

According to replays from stump cameras, Mishra’s foot overstepped the crease. Meanwhile, replays from cameras off mid-wicket proved to be inconclusive.

Interestingly, replays from cameras at cover revealed Mishra’s foot was well inside. The replays weren’t accurate as Sachin was displayed to be at the non-striker’s end.

As a result, a disappointed Sachin had to walk back to the pavilion due to a technical glitch.

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