Sania Mirza responds after husband Shoaib Malik tries to flirt with actress Mahira Khan

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Sania Mirza responds after husband Shoaib Malik tries to flirt with actress Mahira Khan
Sania Mirza, Shoaib Malik and Mahira Khan

The coronavirus pandemic doesn’t look like it will go quickly as cases across the world are rising continuously. Due to this, cricketers are stuck at their respective homes. But to pass the time, they are regularly taking part in online chat sessions and sharing their opinions on various topics.

Following the trend, veteran Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik conversed live on Instagram with Pakistan actress Mahira Khan. They spoke about the current situation in Pakistan and hoped for the elimination of coronavirus as soon as possible.

During the chat, Shoaib was seen flirting with Mahira. It all happened when Mahira said that both of them are finding it challenging to connect live because they have become old. To this, Shoaib responded and said that he is indeed getting old, but not Mahira. The actress also asked the former Pakistani skipper that since they are talking live, is ‘bhabhi’ (sister-in-law) watching them?

Shoaib replied to Mahira and said yes, she (Sania Mirza) is watching, but she is not my sister-in-law. After which Mahira failed to control her laughter and said: “I did not mean your sister-in-law but she [Sania] is the sister-in-law of the whole of Pakistan”.

After watching the exciting conversation between Mahira and Shoaib, Sania also commented and wrote, “Yes I see, what are you two talking about”.

During the live chat, Shoaib asked Mahira an interesting question regarding the relationship and said that when she dates someone, does she google the person? Mahira responded to the question and said: “Like you, we haven’t dated someone like Sania Mirza who can be googled.” Eventually, Shoaib couldn’t stop smiling upon hearing Mahira’s witty reply.

Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza (Image Source: Twitter)

Sania and Shoaib married each other in 2010, and they got blessed with a son in 2018, named Izhaan. Last month, Sania participated in a chat show hosted by Pakistan’s famous sports presenter Zainab Abbas where Indian tennis star had revealed how Shoaib proposed to her.

“A few months after we started seeing each other, he basically told me that ‘Look I want to marry you. I will come to meet your family, and you tell me when you want to get married because I want to marry you. So let me know if it’s a yes.”

“I actually found that extremely real because I felt that there was no pretence in that. It was literally just raw emotion, and he felt it, and he just said it. That probably attracted me towards him so much because he is not pretentious when it comes to things like that. Going down on the knees and putting heart shape things is just not his style. He is simple,” Sania had said.

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