Suresh Raina gives a heartwarming reply when asked what did he do with his first salary

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Suresh Raina gives a heartwarming reply when asked what did he do with his first salary
Suresh Raina (Image Source: Twitter)

Amid coronavirus pandemic, cricketers are enjoying free time with their family members as all the series and tournaments have been cancelled. Both former and current players are heading towards social media to engage with their fans.

In India, the lockdown has been lifted in most parts of the country, still organising a cricket event doesn’t look possible at present as COVID-19 cases are frequently rising. In the meantime, one of India’s most exceptional fielders Suresh Raina decided to interact with his admirers. The 33-year-old, on Saturday, took to Twitter to inform that he will run a Q/A session and asked fans to drop their questions.

“Its been a while, let’s do #askraina Q&A session today -13th June at 6 pm IST. 5 best questions will get a signed merchandise from me, my team from ArtKonnect will get in touch. Please use the hashtag,” tweeted Raina.

Raina is known for his acrobatic efforts on the cricket field and to excel in the fielding department, one has to be supremely fit, which Raina is. In this context, a fan asked the Indian superstar to reveal the factor which motivates him to remain fit.

“#askraina as far as we have seen you were in the best shape in the fitness what kept you motivated towards this fitness regime journey,” the fan wrote.

Raina responded to the question and gave a heartwarming answer. The Muradnagar-born said singing the national anthem and wearing the Indian jersey works as the biggest motivation.

Another fan quizzed Raina to name the three best moments of his life. The ‘Chinna Thala’ replied to the question and picked the 2011 World Cup as the first moment. Raina chose his kids, Gracia and Rio as the remaining two best moments in his life.

Raina was then asked to disclose where did he got his first salary from and what he did with that amount. The left-handed batsman again gave an adorable reply. Raina said he bought a handbag for his sister.

“First salary that I got from Air India, I bought a handbag for my sister,” tweeted Raina.


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