‘Biggest difference he brought to cricket…’: Waqar Younis heaps praise on Indian skipper Virat Kohli

‘Biggest difference he brought to cricket…’: Waqar Younis heaps praise on Indian skipper Virat Kohli
Waqar Younis, Virat Kohli (Image Source: Twitter)

Although Indian skipper Virat Kohli is miles away from the dawn of his illustrious career, many cricket pundits and fans already consider him as the best to grace the game. His unparalleled dedication to staying at the top of his game is a trait that puts him in a rare company of elite sportspersons.

Even when the word has come to a sudden halt amidst the coronavirus lockdown, Kohli’s devotion towards his fitness is exemplary. There is no excuse for the batting maestro as he trains religiously and follows his diets-plan strictly, as evident from his social media posts.

In a recent chat show, ‘Q20’ on Twitter, former Pakistan pacer Waqar Younis was full of praise for Kohli and said that the Indian captain has set the bar for modern cricketers in terms of fitness.

“Virat Kohli has evolved the game and all the formats of modern-day cricket including T20 Cricket, one day suits him a lot and he is brilliant at test matches. But the biggest difference he brought to cricket that is followed and watched worldwide is his fitness,” Younis said.

The iconic Pakistani speedster remarked that Kohli always wants to prove that he is a real fighter.

“I think it is hard to beat. I think for that reason also, you like everything about Virat Kohli. He is fit, he is always in your face, he wants to prove you that he is the best, he is a fighter, so that is why, we all like him,” he added.

Younis further commended India’s dominance in World Cup games against their arch-rivals Pakistan.

“Over the last few World Cups, Pakistan have not won against India. We did well in other formats, we did well in Test matches, but when it comes to World Cups and ODI Cricket, India has always had an upper hand on us. And they deserve it. I think they played better cricket than us.”

Meanwhile, Virat was all set to lead Royal Challengers Banglore (RCB) in the 13th edition of IPL which was slated to commence from March 29. However, the ongoing pandemic caused by COVID-19 played a spoilsport.

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