David Gower lists out five things that make Rohit Sharma ‘special’

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David Gower, Rohit Sharma (Image Source: Twitter)

Former England cricketer David Gower has heaped praises on the grace and sublimity of Rohit Sharma. The stylish right-handed batsman from India has earned a lot of plaudits from the cricket pundits due to his remarkable consistency and a unique ability to make even difficult tasks look so alluring and effortless.

The legendary English skipper talked about five things Rohit has already mastered that now help him convert a good start into a massive total with amazing regularity.

“At the moment, we see his (Rohit’s) talent on show all the time because he makes stacks and stacks of runs so the work comes in to actually make sure that you have the determination, the ability, the technique, the calmness and the concentration – all the things you need to actually occupy the crease for long enough to make those runs,” remarked Gower in a recent interview with cricket.com.

With 1,490 runs from 28 ODI matches, the 32-years old was the highest run-getter of 2019 in ODIs. He even scripted a new record by scoring five centuries in a single edition of the Cricket World Cup.

Gower further talked about the downside of Rohit’s batting with such ease and nonchalance as viewers start taking things for granted.

“The downside is this, as Rohit has probably found out as well, that if you make it look easy when you get out, the natural assumption for people watching sometimes is that you don’t care, that you’re too relaxed or it doesn’t matter.”

“It looks as easy getting out as it does hitting the ball for four. All you can do under those circumstances is say ‘look two days ago I got a hundred, that’s what I’m trying to do every day, just because it didn’t work is not because I’m not trying'”, asserted Gower.

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