Sachin Tendulkar suggests that ICC should look at DRS reviews without weightage to umpire’s call

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Sachin Tendulkar suggests that ICC should look at DRS reviews without weightage to umpire’s call
Sachin Tendulkar. (Image Source: Twitter)

Legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar reckoned that the International Cricket Council (ICC) should look at DRS reviews without the additional weightage given to umpire’s call.

Sachin felt that LBW decisions should be overturned regardless of the decision made by the standing umpire.

The current regulation dictates that leg-before decisions remain on the field, regardless of the ball hitting the stumps.

Tendulkar suggested that technology should be given 100% weightage removing the human element of errors.

“What % of the ball hits the stumps doesn’t matter, if DRS shows us that the ball is hitting the stumps, it should be given out, regardless of the onfield call. That’s the motive of using technology in cricket. As we know, technology isn’t 100% right but neither are humans,” tweeted Sachin while sharing a video of his interaction with Brian Lara on 100MB app.

“Somebody is unhappy with the onfield decision and that is the only reason they have gone upstairs to the third umpire and when that happens, let the technology take over. Just like in tennis, it ”s either in or out, there is nothing in between. Once you have decided to use technology, then you rely on it,” he added.

Sachin also found support from his former India and Mumbai Indians teammate Harbhajan Singh who claimed that few rules should be re-looked at for the betterment of the game.

“Agree with you Paji 1000 percent correct.. If the ball is touching the stump or kissing the stumps it should be given out..It does not matter how much part of the ball hit the wicket..few rules should b changed in the game for betterment of the game..this is certainly 1 of those,” tweeted Harbhajan.

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