When an idea of getting an autograph from a national level cricketer left actor R. Madhavan “deeply hurt”

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When an idea of getting an autograph from a national level cricketer left actor R. Madhavan “deeply hurt”
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The idea of getting an autograph from one’s favourite celebrity always carries a peculiar sense of fascination, especially in one’s childhood.

However, on many occasions, this takes a sour turn when a personality either refuses to sign, exhibits ignorance and doesn’t even care to look back at their fans, let alone smile.

R. Madhavan, a prolific Indian actor, has recently revealed one such childhood experience that left him in a bitter mood.

In a video shared on his Instagram account, Madhavan talked about the resolution he made as an eight-year-old kid after enduring a bitter experience of getting an autograph from a national level cricketer.

The critically acclaimed actor said, “The idea of getting an autograph, like the rest of my friends, was very exciting to me. I remember walking up to him, and he was sitting there having a conversation (I’m sure) he must have signed some 50 autographs by then.”
“He signed it and gave it back without even looking at me. I’m not gonna justify whether he was right or wrong but it hurt me deeply, very deeply. And that day I remember saying: ‘If I ever sign an autograph in my life, I will make sure I look at his/her eyes when I sign an autograph,” the critically acclaimed actor added.

Madhavan captioned the video, “And the universe conspires.”

Madhavan is a socially conscious man who regularly keeps posting a positive and uplifting message for his fans. He recently published an encouraging word for students who failed to perform well in their board exams.

“To all those who just got their board results— congratulations to those who exceeded their expectations and aced it … and to the rest I want to say I got 58% on my board exams.. The game has not even started yet my dear friends,” Madhavan wrote.


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