“Would finish 40-toffee packet in 4-5 days”: Virat Kohli elucidates his ‘crazy’ diet back in IPL 2012

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Virat Kohli. (Image Source: Twitter)
  • Virat Kohli used to finish a pack of 40 toffees in 4-5 days'

  • Today, Kohli is one of the fittest athletes in the world

By 2011, the name of Virat Kohli already became a household phenomenon as he won two World Cup titles. One with the senior Indian team and the other with the U-19 side.

With the world at his feet, Kohli’s career took a slight detour with late-night partying and his ‘crazy’ diet plans.

During a recent interaction, Kohli opened up on how his career derailed mildly and how it took just one day for the unbelievable transformation.

“2012 IPL I came back home and saw myself, was disgusted. I just wanted to change everything about myself. I also saw how the dynamics of cricket around the world were changing rapidly and how I felt we were far behind in intensity levels as other teams. They were moving far ahead of us in terms of fitness levels,” Kohli told Mayank Agarwal on bcci.tv.

In Kohli’s words, he’d eat everything and anything in sight during his initial years in international cricket. Further, the Indian captain revealed how he’d devour an entire packet of 40 toffees in just 4-5 days.

“ITC Gardenia were we used to stay, they would have a packet of eclairs toffees in the mini-bar and they would refill it every time. I would finish a pack in 4-5 days’ time, and that was a pack of 40 toffees. That was my diet at that time, I was eating like a mad person because that phase happened where I got all the success and everything was going well and I went into the IPL thinking that I’m going to dominate,” India’s all-format skipper added.

“But that didn’t turn out well and things didn’t process that way. Things happened, I did not appreciate and respect it then… I was thrown back down then I went back home, realized that I need to change everything from the way I’m thinking and preparing. Changed it from the next day onwards when I came back home. From then on my whole outlook towards how I want to prepare completely changed,” Kohli concluded.

Fast-forward to 2020, Kohli is rated amongst the fittest athletes in the world and is the best white-ball cricketer currently.

Kohli has displayed his fitness prowesses by remaining injury-free and featuring in all formats of the game, giving his 100%.

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