Kesrick Williams opens up about his on-field banter with Virat Kohli

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  • The rivalry started in 2017 when Williams gave a send-off to Kohli.

  • Kohli did take his revenge two years later during a T20I match in Hyderabad.

Kesrick Williams opens up about his on-field banter with Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli, Kesrick Williams (Image Source: Twitter)

Rivalries in sports play a paramount role in developing one’s affection or animosity towards the specific players and teams. In a team-sport that cricket is, these rivalries are often based on geographical aspects, cultural and historical significance.

But, sometimes the contrasting persona of the individuals clash in the heat of the moment and give birth to some famous feuds and disputes.

One such rivalry that has been a talk of the town in recent years is the on-field banter between West Indies pacer Kesrick Williams and the Indian captain Virat Kohli.

It all started way back in 2017 when Williams did the famous ‘notebook celebration’ after getting the better of Kohli in Jamaica.
Fast forward to 2019, the Indian skipper, during a T20I in Hyderabad, smashed the Windies pacer for a humongous six and mimicked his trademark celebration as an act of revenge. Kohli scored a fiery 94 off 50 deliveries in that match.

In his recent interview to Sportskeeda, Williams has opened up on that episode and also heaped praise on the mental fortitude of Kohli.

“When he did it, I was like Woah! I was surprised, very very surprised. The first time I did it to him was in 2017. And to remember it in 2019, it shows the kind of player he is. ‘You know what, I have to get back at this guy,’ which he did in Hyderabad,” he said.

I am going to back myself every time, says Kesrick

However, the Vincentian pacer had the last laugh as he again dismissed Kohli in the subsequent match and this time he put his fingers on the lips.

“I think I get the best of him and I think the next time we meet again it’s going to be something. I am ready for it. I don’t care who he is. Yes, he is a talented player. He is probably the best player in the world. I always respect him when it comes to that. But when it comes to my bowling, and his batting, it’s me or him on the day, which I am going to back myself every time,” Williams added further.

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