Mohammad Kaif, Danish Kaneria delighted with Ram temple’s foundation in Ayodhya

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  • Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi installed the foundation stone of Ram-Mandir.

  • Both Kaif and Kaneria hailed the virtues of Lord Rama.

Mohammad Kaif, Danish Kaneria delighted with Ram temple’s foundation in Ayodhya
Mohammad Kaif - Ram Mandir. (Image Source: Twitter)

Former Indian batsman Mohammad Kaif has registered his elation regarding the historic ‘Ram-Mandir’ Bhoomi Pujan performed on the auspicious soil of Ayodhya.

The ceremony in Ayodhya brought an end to a century-long dispute between two communities, which also marred India’s rich heritage with the infamous Babri Masjid demolition.

Even Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi graced the event by performing the rituals of Bhoomi-Pujan in Uttar Pradesh.

A 40 kg silver brick as the foundation stone was installed in the ground-breaking ceremony. Ahead of the mega-event, three-day-long Vedic rituals were held in the holy land of Ayodhya.

Kaif took to Twitter to recall the time growing up in Allahabad, witnessing the tale of Lord Rama. Also, Kaif shared a vital message for preserving the harmony between Hindus and Muslims.

“Growing up in Allahabad, a city with Ganga-Jamuna culture. I loved watching Ramlila-a tale of compassion,co-existence, honour and dignity. Lord Ram saw goodness in everyone and our conduct should reflect his legacy. Don’t allow the agents of hate to come in the way of love and unity,” Kaif wrote in his post.

Good wishes also were received from the other side of the border, in the form of former Pakistan cricketer Danish Kaneria, who welcomed the historical day with open arms.

“Today is the Historical Day for Hindus across the world. Lord Ram is our ideal,” the leg-spinner tweeted.

“We are safe and no one should have any problem with our religious beliefs. Life of Prabhu Shri Ram teaches us unity and brotherhood,” he added.

“The beauty of Lord Rama lies in his character, not in his name. He is a symbol of the victory of right over the evil. There is wave of happiness across the world today. It is a moment of great satisfaction. #JaiShriRam,” Kaneria opined.

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