‘Our friendship now is as strong as it’s ever been’ – Michael Clarke opens up about his divorce with Kyly Boldy

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Michael Clarke, Kyly Boldy (Image Source: Twitter)
  • Former Australia captain Michael Clarke separated with his wife Kyly Boldy in February 2020.

  • They continue to co-parent their five-year-old daughter Kelsey Lee.

Former Australia captain Michael Clarke and Kyly Boldy announced in February that they have decided to break-up after seven years of marriage, on a divorce settlement worth $40 million.

Clarke and Kyle were schoolmates at Sydney’s Westfields Sports High but started dating each other only after the former ended his engagement with Lara Worthington in 2010.

The ex-couple has a five-year-old daughter Kelsey Lee whom they continue to co-parent together.

Now, five months after the split-up, former Australian skipper talked in-depth about his relationship with ex-wife Kyly and daughter Kelsey.

“I think I’m extremely lucky to have been able to go through a separation with the mother of my child and us still be great friends,” Clarke said on ‘KISS 1065’s Kyle and Jackie O Show.’

“I actually think Kyly and my friendship now is as strong as it’s ever been. We still talk daily and I think you’ve heard Kyly say as well both of us will always prioritise our daughter and a big part of that is a friendship between mum and dad.”

Clarke further remarked that his friendship with Kyly remains as strong as it has ever been and they have always prioritised the well being and healthy parenting of Kelsey.

“It’s probably easier to do when your child’s so young but I would hope that’s mine and Kyly’s relationship forever,” he said. “That our daughter is No. 1, we keep our friendship strong and we do what’s best for her.”

“There’s always other people involved. There’s families, there’s friends, if there’s a new person there’s that as well so you’re trying to stay respectful to everyone. It’s easier said than done,” Clarke added.

Clarke remains one of the most celebrated modern-day cricketers for Australia who also led the Aussies to their fifth triumph in ICC World Cup 2015.

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