“When you are captain, you are the least important person”: Rohit Sharma spills mantra of a successful leader

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Rohit Sharma. (Image Source: Twitter)
  • Rohit stressed the importance of being selfless while captaining a side.

  • The 33-year-old considers himself as the 'least important' while leading Mumbai Indians.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has proved to be the breeding ground of several young talents in India. Also, it turned out to be a platform for international players to showcase their prowess.

Similarly, the Indian team discovered the supreme captaincy abilities of Rohit Sharma who clinched four IPL titles with Mumbai Indians (MI). Last year, Sharma surpassed Chennai Super Kings’ (CSK) influential leader MS Dhoni‘s tally of three IPL titles.

When asked about the mantra of a successful captain, Rohit emphasised on the importance of a leader being selfless.

“I believe in a theory that when you are captain, you are the least important person. Others become more important in the larger scheme of things. It works differently for different leaders but as far as I am concerned, this theory works for me,” Rohit told PTI.

There have been several instances when Rohit was made to lose his cool and display his anger. But the Mumbai cricketer has carried himself brilliantly on the field.

Even Suresh Raina recently drew parallels of Rohit’s style of captaincy with that of Dhoni. Rohit also pointed out the importance of regulating temperament on the field as the captain.

“Not showing anger is not a conscious effort. That’s a natural instinct that you have and you don’t try and be someone that you are not. Try and be yourself all the time,” the MI captain added.

“You do get angry, lose temper at times but it’s important not to show it to your teammates. Hiding your emotions is the most crucial part.” he said.

The 2020 edition of the IPL would be the first time when fanatics will witness the Indian stars in action, post prolonged COVID-19 hiatus. Rohit went on to state that it has been the longest time in his career without touching the bat.

“It’s the longest gap that I have ever had in my career without holding a bat. It will be a bit challenging. Unless I play, I will not know where I am and how I feel but body is completely fine. I feel physically more strong than ever because of the last four months,” Rohit concluded.

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