Mumbai Police uses Rahul Dravid’s viral going advertisement to raise awareness on COVID-19

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  • Mumbai Police and others react after watching Rahul Dravid's latest advertisement.

  • Fans witnessed the angry side of Dravid in CRED's new TVC.

Mumbai Police uses Rahul Dravid’s viral going advertisement to raise awareness on COVID-19
Rahul Dravid (Pic Source: Twitter)

Hours before the 14th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) bowled out in Chennai on Friday (April 9), a new advertisement featuring former India captain Rahul Dravid broke the internet.

In this TVC, the 48-year-old was seen frustrated and went bonkers at Bengaluru’s infamous traffic. At one point, Dravid who is well known for his calmness and polite behaviour, can be seen proclaiming himself to be ‘Indiranagar ka gunda’ in the advertisement. He even yelled at others in the traffic and broke the passing car’s mirror with his bat.

With his acting, Dravid has not only left netizens surprised but has also inspired Mumbai Police. The police department of the city of Mumbai have used one of the scenes from Dravid’s viral going ad to raise awareness on COVID-19.

Uploading a screenshot from the TVC, Mumbai Police wrote: “Mask, seeing the virus approaching you!”

A guy out of his comfort zone was so entertaining to watch: Ayappa KM

The director of the advertisement Ayappa KM recently revealed that it was entertaining to watch legendary Rahul Dravid come out of his comfort zone and perform like that.

“Every time Rahul Dravid would scream, every single time he screamed, he would cover his forehead with his hands. Like ‘What am I doing? Why am I doing this?’ A guy out of his comfort zone… That was so entertaining to watch,” Ayappa was quoted as saying by Indian Express.

“I think the biggest victory here is that Rahul Dravid looks like a seasoned actor. Let’s be honest, he is known for his cricketing skills much more than his acting skills. So it was very nice to see the feedback, that somewhere we’ve communicated the dark side of Rahul Dravid that doesn’t even exist,” Ayappa added.

Here’s how others reactions to Dravid’s ‘angry’ avatar in the viral advertisement


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