Stuart MacGill’s girlfriend opens up on the cricketer’s kidnapping by her brother

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  • Stuart MacGill's girlfriend broke her silence on the former Aussie cricketer's kidnapping.

  • Her sibling was involved in the crime.

Stuart MacGill’s girlfriend opens up on the cricketer’s kidnapping by her brother
Stuart MacGill with his girlfriend ( Image Source: Twitter)

Stuart MacGill, the former Australian cricketer, was recently assaulted and thrashed after being abducted from a street near his home in Sydney.

On being released, MacGill was so terrified of the incident that he didn’t report it to the authorities for a week. Police then started their investigation and arrested four men in connection with the crime on Wednesday.

However, in a turn of events, one of the accused was MacGill’s restaurant owner girlfriend’s brother, Marino Sotiropoulos.

Sotiropoulos is the sibling of Maria O’Meagher, who is currently in a relationship with MacGill.

The cricketer’s girlfriend finally broke her silence on Thursday and revealed that she, too, is frightened and doesn’t feel safe. O’Meagher went on to add that she lives a very different life from her brother and doesn’t bear any connection with the unfortunate event.

“We are all still frightened … I no longer feel safe (and) I really do not understand what happened. My brother and I led very different lives and although we were brother and sister we weren’t that close,” O’Meagher was quoted as saying by The Daily Telegraph.

On being questioned further, O’Meagher retorted that she isn’t interested in discussing the crime and is gratuitous that her boyfriend is safe. Talking about the grimness of the incident, the ex-Aussie star’s girlfriend commented that her parents and children don’t know about the episode and the best she can do is take care of MacGill and her family.

“Everyone’s fine and everyone’s well, but I’m not interested in talking about what happened. Stuart is safe and we are both OK. Unfortunately, I am caught in the middle of a horrible situation but all I can do is support Stuart and my family. My elderly parents and children are really suffering and I am fearful for them. They are really in the dark about what happened,” she added.


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