Brett Lee expresses his views on who could have an advantage in the WTC final

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  • Brett Lee stated which team could be better prepared for the World Test Championship final.

  • Lee also compared the captaincy styles of Virat Kohli and Kane Williamson.

Brett Lee expresses his views on who could have an advantage in the WTC final
Brett Lee ( Image Source: Twitter)

Team India is set to clash with New Zealand in the inaugural World Test Championship (WTC) final starting from June 18. Cricketing analysts and fans are speculating as to who would win the riveting encounter.

Talking in the same vein, former Australian pacer Brett Lee compared the captaincy style of Indian skipper Virat Kohli with Black Caps leader Kane Williamson.

Lee admitted that the two veterans had different approaches whilst commanding the team. The 44-year-old pointed out that though Williamson took decisions in a more orthodox manner, he wasn’t boring. The Kiwi cricketer waits patiently for his turn to attack.

“Yeah, they are different. Kane is a lot more conservative without being boring. He has got a great cricket brain. I spent a fair bit of time with Kane recently and enjoy his company. I think he has got a wonderful cricket brain. I admire his level of calmness. And that is why I said that he is not a boring captain. He is a conservative captain, but attacks when he needs to. And he attacks when he feels it is right. Because he is patient, and it works for him and his team,” Lee told the International Cricket Council (ICC) on Friday.

On the other hand, Lee enunciated that Kohli was more aggressive on the field than his counterpart but wasn’t wrong tactically. The Wollongong-born concluded that watching them face each other would be an exciting opportunity.

“Look at the other side of the ledger, and you look at Kohli, he is more of an aggressive captain. There is no right or wrong answer to any of these because I have played under captains who are conservative and captains who are too aggressive. But this is going to be a great opportunity to see which one comes out on top because they are different. At the end of the day, they are two amazing cricket brains. And that is what I respect. So yeah, it is going to be exciting to see who comes out on top!” Lee asserted.

When asked about who could emerge victorious, the former New South Wales bowler remarked that both the teams are evenly balanced; still, New Zealand might have the edge over their opponents because they have bowled in similar conditions at home. However, Lee was quick to state that the contest would sway in favour of the side that bowls better.

“The Indian Test line-up that will be on show, they have got some amazing talent, as do the Kiwis. It is pretty evenly matched there, though with the experience of New Zealand, because they have bowled in conditions that are similar back home, the Kiwis might have an advantage purely from that fact. Whichever team bowls the best will win the Test,” Lee concluded.

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