Top 10 Indian cricketers and their most expensive houses

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  • MS Dhoni spends most of the time at his 7-acre farmhouse in Ranchi.

  • Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh inhabit the same apartment building in Mumbai.

Top 10 Indian cricketers and their most expensive houses
Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni, Virat Kolhi and Hardik Pandya ( Image Source: Twitter)

Cricket is like a religion in India. Ardent fans of the game enjoy seeing their favourite players not only on-field but also on commercials, advertisements and posters. Apart from the centrally contracted salaries, cricketers make a lot from brand promotions.

Thus, Indian players earn a hefty amount and maintain a high-quality life. Various members of the Indian team have magnificent bungalows that are breathtaking to watch.

Here are India’s top 10 cricketers and their most expensive residences:

Hardik Pandya’s penthouse in Vadodara (3.6 Crores)

Hardik Pandya home
Hardik Pandya home ( Image Source: Twitter)

Hardik Pandya’s penthouse in Vadodara is spread over four flats measuring 6,000 square feet. The house has contemporary designs with interiors specific to everyone’s taste.

The abode has a private theatre and a gym combined with a balcony garden. While Hardik’s room is based on the bleed blue theme of the Indian national team, Krunal’s space is done in a brighter shade of yellow, orange and beige.

The home is located in one of the poshest areas of Vadodara.

Ravindra Jadeja’s Jamnagar bungalow (Estimated price around 10 Crores)

Ravindra Jadeja home
Ravindra Jadeja home ( Imahe Source: Twitter)

Ravindra Jadeja inhabits a four-storey bungalow in Jamnagar. The interiors combine traditional and classical decoration that gives the feeling of a princely state.

The residence has lawns and a gym for a workout. Jadeja had also uploaded a snippet where he was sweating in the gym ahead of the India tour of England 2021.

The lavish domicile justifies the all-rounder’s penchant for royal activities like horse riding and sword skills. The estimated price of the lodging is around INR 10 crores.

Sourav Ganguly’s palatial house (Estimated price above 10 Crore)

Sourav Ganguly's home
Sourav Ganguly’s home ( Image Source: Twitter)

Sourav Ganguly’s mansion is one of the biggest and most beautifully decorated ones in the city of Behala.

The interiors are painted in subtle colours, which indicate his mother’s propensity for peace and harmony.

The magnificent building has been home to the Ganguly family for three generations. It also features a private room where the former Indian skipper’s trophies and memorabilia are kept, along with a sprawling garden and cricket pitch for practice.

Suresh Raina’s Ghaziabad house (18 Crores)

Suresh Raina's home
Suresh Raina’s home ( Image Source: Twitter)

Situated in Rajnagar in Ghaziabad, Suresh Raina’s home has black and white granite surfaces that blend well with the overall tone of the house.

Raina’s wife Priyanka keeps posting pictures from inside the house on Instagram that show the cricketer’s knack for extravagant interiors.

The cottage-sized residence has a plethora of prints, tapestries, rugs and soft furnishings and windows that allow sunlight to crawl in and provide a cosy rest house.

Raina has also designed a backyard where he can get on with his fitness regime.

Sunil Gavaskar’s 5000 square-feet Isprava villa in Goa (Estimated price around 20 Crores)

Sunil Gavaskar's home
Sunil Gavaskar’s home ( Image Source: Twitter)

Sunil Gavaskar made headlines when he bought a 5000-square feet villa in Assangaon at North Goa. The villa is a part of the ISPRAVA project in a land dubbed as the Rome of the East.

The mansion has a carefully curated garden and a pool for its inhabitants to relax and rejuvenate.

Several top industrialists have also added the multifaceted location in their long list of properties.

Rohit Sharma’s Worli Apartment (30 Crores)

Rohit Sharma's home
Rohit Sharma’s home ( Image Source: Twitter)

Rohit Sharma has his exquisite residence on the 29th floor of the Ahuja Towers in Worli. Rohit bought the bungalow for an exorbitant price of INR 30 crores.

The living room ceiling is believed to be 13 feet high, and the entire house is equipped with home automation systems that allow the inhabitants to control the lights, temperature, music systems and entertainment options with a voice command.

Overall, the Ahuja Towers is a 53 storey high building that won the 5 Star Award in the ‘Best High Rise Architecture Category’.

Sachin Tendulkar’s Bandra house (38 Crores)

Sachin Tendulkar's home
Sachin Tendulkar’s home ( Image Source: Twitter)

Sachin Tendulkar purchased the huge bungalow in 2007 from a Parsi family and took the next four years to reconstruct it.

The five-storied mansion has three floors, two basements and a terrace where Tendulkar usually does his yoga.

The abode has cream-coloured marble flooring, ivory lamps, a large leather armchair and a dining area. The property is believed to be worth INR 38 crores.

Yuvraj Singh’s Worli apartment (64 Crores)

Yuvraj Singh's home
Yuvraj Singh’s home ( Image Source: Twitter)

Just like his flamboyant batting style, Yuvraj Singh also owns a lavish, highly decorated suite. The apartment sprawls across 16,000 square feet and was bought by Yuvraj in 2013 at INR 64 crores.

The two flat combined palace-like flat is situated on the 29th floor of the Omkar Towers 1973. Interestingly, incumbent Indian skipper Virat Kohli too, resides in the same building.

Yuvraj is also said to own a holiday home in Goa besides this residence.

Virat Kohli’s Gurugram bungalow (80 Crores)

Virat Kohli's home
Virat Kohli’s home ( Image Source: Twitter)

Virat Kohli bought a plush apartment on the 35th floor of the Omkar Towers 1973 for INR 34 crores. However, before shifting to Mumbai, Kohli resided in a swanky bungalow in Gurugram.

The cost of the abode was estimated to be INR 80 crores. The main attraction of the residence was its living room that spread across 500 square yards.

The property has a swimming pool and a quaint bar.

The dwelling has a 10,000 square feet build-up area and a phenomenal look of interlocking boxes.

MS Dhoni’s 7-acre farmhouse in Ranchi (estimated Rs 100 Crore +)

MS Dhoni's home
MS Dhoni’s home ( Image Source: Twitter)

MS Dhoni’s wife Sakshi regularly posts images of their colossal landscape on Instagram. The seven-acre farmhouse is situated only a few kilometres from Dhoni’s previous house.

The property has an in-built gymnasium, swimming pool, park and a showroom for the former Indian skipper’s bikes, cars and other antiques.

Although the exact cost of the abode is unknown, the farmhouse is estimated to be worth over INR 100 crores.

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