Planning your trip to England for the ICC Cricket World Cup, but worried about the budget?

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The excitement is growing among the cricket fans as the countdown begins for the biggest cricketing event of the year. The ICC Cricket World Cup is scheduled from 30th May to 14 July. The tournament will feature ten of the world’s best cricket nations.

Every die-hard cricket fan dreams of watching a World Cup game live at the stadium. Are you one of them and worried about how much the whole trip will cost? To help you with that, InstaReM has done some extensive research to plan your trip to England on a student budget.

Let’s have a look at some details:

1. Booking flight tickets

If planned well in advance, you can book a return ticket to England from India within INR 40,000-50,000 and from Australia within AUD 1200-1400.

2. Getting a VISA

Good news for Australian fans as they don’t require a visa to visit the UK. For Indian fans, the VISA fee is approx INR 8,500

3. Accommodation

The matches will be held at 10 different locations in England and Wales. In the image above (courtesy: InstaReM), you can see the cost of accommodation in four major cities.

4. Traveling Within Cities

Apart from cricket, you would also explore the cities. Getting a daily travel pass for buses, trains, and trams will also help you save some money.

5. Food

Planning how much will 3 meals a day cost in each of those cities? Well, here is a list of some good places to eat at a great price.

6. Match Tickets

As you may know, ticket prices vary based on the match. For matches involving India, tickets cost around INR 3,700 to INR 6,500. For Australia, prices vary between AUD 37 – AUD 127.

7. Money Transfer

InstaReM can help you with money transfer to the UK from India/Australia or vice-versa. No marginal charge on Fx rates, no hidden fees, the best transfer amount guaranteed.

So grab your bags and head out to enjoy the ICC World Cup.


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