ICC World Cup 2019: Rashid Khan on what it’s like to play with Virat Kohli’s bat

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ICC World Cup 2019: Rashid Khan on what it’s like to play with Virat Kohli’s bat

Other than deceiving the batsmen with his wrong’un, Afganistan’s superstar Rashid Khan also likes to collect bats from great players. Talking to CricketAus during a practice session, the no. 1 T20I bowler explained the reason behind his passion for gathering bats.

“When you are (learning) the skills of batting, you need to have a good bat. I got a few from the players. I got one from Virat, I got one from Davey (David Warner), I got one from KL Rahul.”, said Rashid.

Apart from bowling, Rashid also loves to bat and he played some match-winning knocks during the recent IPL 2019 tournament for Sunrisers Hyderabad.

“Those are special bats. That will help me to make some more runs in the World Cup.”, Rashid added.

Afganistan’s T20I captain, Rashid shared the experience of playing with Indian skipper Virat Kohli’s bat.

“When I was batting with that bat against Ireland, I flicked one for four – I wanted to hit a boundary and it went for six. I was like, ‘what happened? That went for six?’. I was like, ‘there is something in the bat.’ I loved the bat. It was like every ball I hit went for six. There was something special in that bat.”

“As soon as I came to the pavilion, our previous captain Ashgar Afghan, he came up to me and he said, ‘give me that bat’ and I was like, ‘oh no.’ He’d already taken it out from my bag and put it in his own bag. That was a special bat, from a special player as well.”, told Rashid.

Rashid Khan is hoping that Ashgar Afghan doesn’t get many runs with Virat’s bat so he can have it back.

Afganistan is set to play their first match of the ICC World Cup 2019 against Australia this Saturday at Bristol County Ground in Bristol.

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