Virat Kohli chats about RCB’s failure to win an IPL title with former teammate Kevin Pietersen

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Virat Kohli chats about RCB’s failure to win an IPL title with former teammate Kevin Pietersen
Virat Kohli and Kevin Pietersen. (Image Source: Instagram)

Amidst the quarantine period observed by citizens all around the globe, cricketers have indulged themselves in social media extensively.

One of the products of the recent trend was the much anticipated Virat Kohli live interview with Kevin Pietersen on Instagram.

The conversation started off in the presence of Yuzvendra Chahal and Rishabh Pant spamming the comment section. The two left shortly after being left ignored.

Both KP and Virat became nostalgic about the time they shared the dressing room at Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the seasons of 2009 and 2010.

In the conversation, KP asked Virat about RCB’s inability to score an IPL title. Virat did not have an affirmative answer to the question but stated, “Big players in the team, there will be attention on the team. With big players, we will always be in the focus. We have reached 3 finals, not won, but then, those things are irrelevant, until you win the title. Even with the best team, we have not win. There is a team goal, we deserve to win the title.”

“I think the more you try to do something, it tends to move away from you. I think we need to get the joy back into the team and not try and look to set goals,” added Kohli.

Virat also talked about his transformation from a chubby teenager to a supremely fit athlete, as well as how he got his nickname Cheeku.

The two repeatedly talked about the time VK stumped Pietersen during one of the games in Southampton. In between the conversation, Pietersen also flipped a finger at the Indian captain.

Virat and KP mentioned about the regime shift in Indian cricket with the revolution of fielding standard and the importance of fitness.

Also, the two discussed the growing challenges of a modern cricketer playing all three formats of the game, in terms of scheduling and workload.

Later, Kohli vowed to call it quits from the game, the day he doesn’t feel he can commit 120% on the field.

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